Advertising Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator – estimate your display advertisement schedule

A Fort Wayne first! We are the only major publication in the area to not only post our display advertisement rates for the public, but to make it easier and quicker for you, we’ve created an advertising budget calculator. For your convenience you can start by entering your budget for all the ads you plan to place. Then choose a size (Example or Custom Dimension), select the color options (Black-Ink Only, 1-Color, or 4-Color), and check the issues you would like the ad to print in. The calculator will show you the amount the ad costs every issue, then the total price of all the issues selected, and finally it will tell you if it’s within the budget you have specified.

5) Once you have completed the information on the left, your pricing & budget results will appear below, feel free to adjust options as needed. Or press the “Clear Info” button to start over.

Price Per Issue: $

Schedule Price: $

Within Budget?

How are these prices generated?
Column inches are calculated by multiplying the number of columns horizontally by the amount of inches vertical, this gives you the number of column inches your ad takes up. The number of column inches are then multiplied by the rate per column inch. For example a 1/4 page black and white ad is 3 columns horizontally by 10.5 inches vertically. 3 times 10.5 = 31.5 (column inches). 31.5 is within the 26 – 50 column inch range of $10.50 per column inch. So $10.50 times 31.5 = $330.75, which gives you the price of column inch usage in that black and white ad.

1) Enter your estimated spending budget. After all of the other fields are completed, you may check to see if it is within your budget or if you need to adjust it.

Your Budget: $

2) Choose the size of advertisement you’d like to place with EITHER the Example OR Custom Dimensions. DON’T USE BOTH OR THE CALCULATION WILL NOT BE ACCURATE.

Example Dimensions:


Custom Dimensions:



3) Select one of the color options listed here. Black-Ink Only (Ads that only use black ink), 1-Color (Ads that use one color [Any Color] in addition to black), 4-Color (Ads that use all four colors, ideal for photos)

Black-Ink Only



4) Check all of the upcoming newspaper issues you would like the ad printed in. The amount of issues will be multiplied against the ad price to determine the total price of the schedule.


January 19

February 2 – Valentine’s Day-14th

February 16 – President’s Day-19th

March 2

March 16 – Saint Patrick’s Day-17th

March 30 – Easter Sunday-April 1st

April 13

April 27 – Primary Elections-May 8th

May 11 – Mother’s Day-13th

May 25 – Memorial Day-28th

June 8 – Father’s Day-17th

June 22 – Independence Day-July 4th

July 6

July 20

August 3

August 17

August 31- Labor Day-Sept 3rd

September 14 – First Day of Fall-22nd

September 28 – Columbus Day- Oct 8th

October 12

October 26 – Halloween-31st/ Election Nov 6th

November 9 – Veterans Day-11th/ Thanksgiving-22nd

November 23 – Black Fri. 23rd/ Small Biz Sat 24th

December 7

December 21 –Christmas-25th/ New Year 31st

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