This Month’s Special – Promote Your Business For 50% Less

Our 50% Off Sale through March, could save you over $1,000 on advertising in our newspaper. Taking advantage of this huge discount will put your advertisement and business in front of our 35,000 readers, helping you to gain more customers from our delivery area in South/ Southwest Fort Wayne.

Do you have a spring special, sale or event coming up? Or perhaps a product or service that you would like to promote with a coupon. Maybe you’d like to just to create more awareness of your business’ location and what you have to offer. This sale is the perfect time to get the word out. We can even design and create your ad for free!

How The 50% Off Sale Works
You save 50% off any of our full color advertisement sizes, 1/8th page (5.193” x 5.25”) or larger; which comes to a minimum discount of $159.47 per ad! I can assist you to choose the appropriate size for your ad budget, and schedule it for two times in March to qualify for the discount. But hurry, because with this huge discount, our space is limited!

Our Most Popular Sizes
1/8 Page – 5.193” x 5.25” (Save $159.47)
1/4 Page – 5.193” x 10.5” (Save $291.38)
1/2 Page – 10.5” x 10.5” (Save $551.25)
Full Page – 10.5” x 21.5” (Save $1,080.34)
We can also custom create an ad size based on your budget, and use ads that have printed in other publications.

Our Upcoming Issues & Deadlines:

MARCH 2 (Fri. Jan. 23 deadline)
MARCH 16 (Fri. March 9 deadline) – St. Patrick’s Day Edition
MARCH 30 (Fri. March 23 deadline) – Easter Sunday Edition
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Who Will I Reach With My Ad?
Like direct mail, but better! We currently serve over 35,000 readers with the newspaper, which is hand-delivered to all homes and businesses in South & Southwest Fort Wayne in our delivery area. But unlike direct mail that instantly lands in the trashcan, since your advertisement is wrapped with our local, positive and family-friendly news articles that our readers love to read, it goes into the hands of the reader who can’t wait to receive it.
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I am glad to help you promote your business! Please call or email me if you have any questions, or if you would like me to reserve space for your ads in any of our upcoming publications.

I look forward to working with you soon,

Jordan Cornwell
Advertising Manager
tel. (260) 747-5529

The Waynedale News
2505 Lower Huntington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809

Specials & Promotions

We are proud to offer specials on select advertisements and schedules for our services on a monthly and per issue basis to save you money and increase your exposure to our audience. Receive the latest money saving specials by e-mail every month! Recent Specials: 50% OFF ads, 4-Color for the price of 1-Color, Free Website Banner, and more.

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