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Online News Website Options

Our web advertising is displayed on our news websites with over 20,000 pages of brand new articles and archives of past stories. Our websites include,, as well as We continue to add to the features and pages on a weekly basis, improving usability, speed and content. The websites receive 60,000 monthly visitors and growing every month! The average visitor lives in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area, browses the website for 16 minutes and reads 7 pages. Many visitors enjoy free access to all of the websites in addition to the printed copy of the Waynedale Newspaper.

Visit:, & for examples.

web-banner-advertisingA Banner is an advertisement located on the news webpage. Banners feature your business and allow a visitor to click on the ad that links to your website or webpage. All Banners are cycled together, so your Banner advertisement will show, on average, at least once for every 4 pages visited. Banner advertisements must be designed to:
400 x 200 pixels (can be animated if file size is under 50kb)

$150 per month (no contract)
$125 per month (3 month contract)
$75 per month (12 month contract)

Website Wrap Advertisements – wrap our website with your ad

website-advertisingWebsite Wrap advertisements are constantly displayed across the screen, spanning on top and both sides of the website. Website Wrap advertisements are cycled with other advertisements on the home page and featured news section. Your ad will become the sole background of the webpage in your desired section(s). Website Wrap advertisements must be designed to:
1750 x 915 pixels (with 1150 x 890 pixel center void) Each Section of

$400 per month (no contract)
$300 per month (3 month contract)
$200 per month (12 month contract)

Sponsored Articles – tell a story about your business

sponsored-articleTo enhance your advertising and exposure to our readers we will guarantee space in the newspaper for a 400 word (or less) article sponsored and written by you, and edited by us, when you place $500 of display advertising within a maximum of a 2 month (4 issue) time span. As a free newspaper we depend on advertising to continue printing the newspaper our readers enjoy and look forward to. We consider this opportunity to be mutually beneficial.

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer because we are, and we will make sure your article reads well before it goes to print. The only requirement is that the article must be submitted by the intended issue’s deadline in a word document. Photos should be submitted in a digital format, but are at the editor’s discretion whether the photo prints with the article.

Alternatively, if you are solely looking for an article that is not combined with display advertising, we accept any article length under 1,000 words with or without photos. The price is based on the space usage according to our standard display advertising rates. When you provide a sample of the article and photo sizes, we will provide a quote of the final price.

Media E-mail Send – send your press release to news outlets

We’ll send an email on your behalf to all of the area media. Our media list is a collection of 500+ e-mail addresses in the local media (radio, community calendars, newspapers and local television news) within a 40-mile radius of Fort Wayne. The email can contain a press release, announcement or any other information that you want to provide to the local media to promote your business or event. The e-mails are formatted to look like they are sent from your e-mail address, so when the recipient of the e-mail responds, the response goes directly to you, so you can follow up with them directly.

$75 per media list sent (no contract)
$60 per media list sent (contract of 6 times in one year)

Classified Advertisements – for when only text will do the trick

Classifieds are text only advertisements and all are located on the “Classifieds Section” in the printed newspaper and online at All classifieds must be paid in full before they are printed or posted online for any issue.

$20 (25 words or less); 50 cents per word after the flat rate of $20.

Please fill out a Classifieds Form online OR Download & Print the form (PDF) and return before the deadline for placement in the next issue.

Worship & Church Events – featured religious organizations

The Worship & Church Events section is a premium listing especially for religious organizations and their events. Listings promote your organization name, address, phone number & worship times: also included are two event listings per issue. All purchased listings will be published in every issue from the start date to the end of December. Additional events other than the two included may be purchased for $5 per issue.

Download & Print: Worship In Waynedale Details (PDF)